Rules – apply to Team Penning & Ranch Sorting:

  1. All riders are required to ride in appropriate smooth soled riding boots, long trousers and long sleeved collared shirt. Competitors must be neat and presentable. HELMETS are mandatory for riders under 18years and all riders at a training day. APPROVED HELMETS MUST COMPLY WITH OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS, ASNZ3838 or ASTM F1163 (US standard) or BS/EN 1384 (provided it carries the BS Kitemark. Senior riders may ride in an Akubra style hat, helmets are encouraged, but no caps.
  2. All riders have to have their horse under control regardless of what type of gear they choose to use. Out of control horses can be eliminated at president or judge’s discretion. Equipment must be fit for purpose. No riding in halters.
  3. Judge/Committee will do random gear checks, if unsure of your gear please ask for a check.
  4. Bitless bridles are permitted but require a mechanical stop, no halter type allowed. The committee has the final call on if acceptable.
  5. No tie downs, rings, head checks or training aids are permitted
  6. No whips can be carried into the Arena. No hitting of cattle with any object will be allowed.
  7. No alcohol is to be consumed by competitors during the competition.
  8. Riders need to inform the Treasurer 48hrs before the event if they will not be attending, if they cancel after that time there will be NO REFUND. (Vet Certificate will refund a percentage.)

Team Penning Rules

  • A Team consists of 3 riders.
  • The Announcer is to advise the collar colour as the first competitor crosses the starting line.
  • Within a 2 minute limit a team must cut out from the mob and yard 3 head of cattle with the same assigned colour. A 30 second warning bell should be given prior to the end of the run.
  • The starting line will be either in the centre of the arena or can be on the yard side of the centre. All cattle must be behind the starting line before time begins. Time for a run commences when the first of the three horses crosses the starting line.
  • If more than five cattle are across the starting line at any one time, the team will be disqualified.
  • The yard will be located either in the centre or to one side of the arena. The yard to be 4.8 meters x 4.8 meters with a 2.4 meter wing. The yard and the end of the wing to be a minimum of 3.6 meters from the fence line.
  • A team can call for time only once. To call for time one rider must stand in the gateway and raise his/her hand after some, or all of the assigned cattle are yarded. The rider is not allowed to enter the pen past the horses shoulder, nor turn their horse in the pen.
  • A team may call for time with only one or two of the assigned cattle yarded, however, teams yarding 3 cattle will place higher than those yarding 2, and 2 will place higher than those yarding only 1, regardless of time.
  • At no stage are horse and rider permitted to enter the pen to remove any incorrect cattle or when claiming time.
  • Time cannot be given until some or all of the assigned cattle are in the yard and all other cattle are behind the starting line.
  • Fall of horse and/or rider shall not eliminate the team, nor stop time, however, any attempt by a dismounted rider to work the cattle before remounting will result in disqualification. It is up to the discretion of the Team if they would like to stop their run and withdraw. All riders must be mounted to call time.
  • Cattle are to be released from the pen expediently once time has been called.
  • Missing collars or lame / injured cattle should be brought to the judge’s attention, it is then the judge’s discretion to allocate a replacement beast or allow a rerun.
  • A team exhibiting any unnecessary rough handling or riding into the mob at excessive speed, may be disqualified.
  • Cattle must be gathered and settled prior to each run.
  • The number of runs allowed per competitor and number of times a horse may compete in any one event will be determined by the organising committee.
  • It is recommended that there be 30 head of cattle in the arena for most competitions. Local conditions and arena size may dictate a variation to this number.

Ranch Sorting Rules

  • A team consists of 2 riders.
  • Ranch Hand classes will be 1 competitor to sort cattle and 1 nominated gate keeper.
  • Cattle are numbered 0-9 and one unnumbered cow making a total of 11 head, 10 cattle are to be sorted in numerical order. A producer has the option to add 1 more unnumbered cow
  • The start line is behind the gate, in the opposite pen from the cattle. A run will start with the team members in the pen opposite cattle.
  • The judge will raise the flag when the pen is ready, alternatively call out.
  • The judge will signal the beginning of the run by dropping the flag/or a verbal signal when the nose of the first horse crosses the start/foul line and the first number to be sorted will be announced. – The announcer will draw a number, which will determine the first cow to be sorted.
  • The cattle will then be sorted increasing in sequence from that number.
  • When 2 cows are crossing the gateway consecutively the first cow must be through to its shoulder before the 2nd cow crosses to avoid elimination
  • The cattle must be sorted in number sequence. If any part of a cow crosses the start/foul line out of sequence before the correct cow starts across the start/foul line a disqualification will occur.
  • A disqualification will also occur if any part of a sorted cow re-crosses the start/foul line. Any cow not entirely across the start/foul line will not be counted.
  • The 10th cow must be completely across the line before the blank cow starts across or the team will receive a no time.
  • If entering in the open Ranch Sorting, this is a sanctioned event, one entry is a mandatory random draw, and you can nominate a team member for the 2nd run entered. Maximum entries is 5 per class.
  • If entering multiple times you can ride with the same partner only once per class.

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