Ranch Sorting

What is Ranch Sorting?

Ranch Sorting started in the USA years before fences, when cattle grazed freely on the open ranges of America.

Cowboys from surrounding ranches worked together to round up cattle for branding or for sale. Once the cattle were circled in a herd, horsemen from the various ranches would slowly enter into the herd to sort out the desired cattle, and then ease (sort) the selected cow to the outskirts of the herd.

Today, this age old tradition has developed into a competitive sport called Ranch Sorting run in two round pens in a figure eight configuration with a four meter opening between the two pens.

Eleven head of cattle (ten are numbered) are placed in one round pen and two contestants sort and move ten head of cattle in numerical order through the ‘gate’ and into the second round pen within the sixty second time limit which is handicapped based on the individuals rating  – the team with the most cattle sorted in the time wins.

The evolution to the figure eight round pen set up is no accident, it allows the event to be run in many varied locations where the cattle are contained, the pace slower, both horses and cattle are easier to control and above all else offers a safe environment for expert and novice alike.

The emphasis is not on how much your horse and gear costs but how much fun you can have doing it! For sure, people will aspire to be more and more competitive and with that dedication will come the better horse and gear but for the people that want an avenue to enjoy their horse and work with cattle, ‘run what ya brung’ – it just has to be maintained and safe!

Just like Team Penning, Ranch Sorting is experiencing exploding growth worldwide. This a great opportunity for horse enthusiasts at all levels, from Novice to Professional, to have a go at this fun family event.

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7th December 2019 – Pinjarra

Saturday 7th – 3pm Ranch Sorting (1st event of the season)

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