followed by a day of Ranch Sorting Competition 2nd February to put it all into practice!!

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Survey Form for New Ranch Sorting Members

ABCRA Waiver 2019-20

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Western Heritage Sorting – rules:
This class is used to fine tune the cattle reading and handling skills of the contestant and also to attract a whole new population of contestants who may be intimidated by the speed of competition in many of our events. Those who excel in slow and quiet cattle management will now have a game to be very competitive in. In this class, all standard Cinch RSNC will remain, with the addition of two new ones.
a)  Limited to a trot or walk by the sorter:
Loping after one stride by the sorter will result in a no time. The gate person can go at any speed to defend the gate as a defensive move however they cannot lope toward or into the herd to sort cattle.
b) Verbal noise, by either contestant, intended to influence the cattle is prohibited. Shouting by either rider to intimidate the cattle will result in a no time however, non-verbal noises such as whistling, clucking, slapping chaps, etc… are all common practices among cattlemen and are allowed. Artificial whistles are not allowed.




Congratulations to all our competitors for the 2019 season, we have enjoyed meeting some new people and catching up with our regular WATPA family, the more the merrier!!! All the below 2019 placings have received their trophy buckles at our end of year awards, plus the Champion Ranch Sorter & Champion Team Penner will be sporting a nice new vest (maybe when the weather cools) Hope to see everyone again throughout the new season, which our 1st event of the 2020 year held at Ravenswood arena bought in 6 new people to have a go at Ranch Sorting – definately a fantastic family sport!!


2019 RANCH SORTING CHAMPION – Cathy Neale (39.5 points)

2019 RANCH SORTING RESERVE CHAMPION – Lance Ford & Lacey Ford (37.5 points)

2019 RANCH SORTING 2ND RESERVE CHAMPION – Ed Baker (34.5 points)

2019 RANCH SORTING JUNIOR CHAMPION = Ella Jeffery (10 points)

2019 RANCH SORTING JUNIOR RESERVE CHAMPION – Dakota Poulton (9 points)


2019 TEAM PENNING CHAMPION – Lacey Ford (29 points)

2019 TEAM PENNING RESERVE CHAMPION – Lance Ford (28 points)

2019 TEAM PENNING 2ND RESERVE CHAMPION – Trevor Jeffery (13 points)


2018-2019 WATPA top 10 places


The West Australian Team Penners Association Inc promotes the sport of Team Penning and Ranch Sorting which encourages the mixing of all age groups, abilities and skill levels within a fun, social, yet competitive atmosphere.  WATPA was born in West Australia in August 2009 and continues to grow with the addition of Ranch Sorting as an event in 2018. Our emphasis is family fun, playing with our horses and cattle in a controlled environment. This would have to be the cheapest horse sport the whole family can enjoy.

We run an event every month alternating between our two venues, Ravenswood and Chittering. Everyone is welcome – it’s a great spectator sport and watching is free. Our membership season runs from the 1st December through to the 30th November. So get your membership in and start having some fun!



CHILDREN:: WATPA is a family friendly club and we encourage families to all join in. Our age group is 8yr and over. We do ask that if you have children that are not competing that there is adult supervision at all times.   As we know this is not always possible if you are the only parent and competing, in these instances we request that the children remain in a designated area. This is for the general safety of minors and other persons.  We don’t encourage wandering around the grounds and if needed we can set a designated area in the spectator section to accommodate for children who must remain within the area until supervision is available

DOGS: Currently dogs are permitted, but some guidelines must be followed or this will cease. All dogs must be well behaved and kept chained/tied/crated at your camp. Once competitions are over, your dog (if social) is permitted at the social/spectator area with you but must be kept on a leash at all times when not at camp and kept away from food preperation area in and around the shed.

HORSES: At no time is a horse to be hard tied whilst at a WATPA event. Any horse while in the arena is not to be hard tied to the arena panels and no halters are to be left loose on the ground or hanging loosley while lead is tied to panels and not on a horse.

SMOKING: While WATPA events are not smoke free events, please be mindful if you wish to smoke that you don’t smoke while competing or warming up for the reason if you are captured in a photograph and it goes into social media, we (WATPA) may have difficulty in obtaining any future sponsorship. In addition please be courteous with your cigarette butts and dispose of these correctly.

ENTRIES: Please ensure that you send through your entry forms. Just marking “going” on our facebook events does not count as an entry. TEAM PENNING – via the online form on our website – forms tab. RANCH SORTING – both PDF & WORD doc is available on our website – forms tab.


Next Events



31st Jan & 1st Feb 2020 – Chittering

8am-5pm Ranch Sorting Clinic

5.30-7.00pm JACKPOT Western Heritage Ranch Sort

2nd Feb 2020 – Chittering

8am start Ranch Sorting Competition (incl Western Heritage)

15/16th February 2020 – Chittering

Team Penning/Ranch Sorting

details to be confirmed



Contact us

President: Cathy Neale
Ph: 0417 978 806

Secretary: Jackie Turnor
Ph: 0499 013 829

Treasurer: Sally Williams (Membership Enquiries)
Ph: 0408 957 729

Event information - please contact Sally Williams 0408 957 729