The West Australian Team Penners Association Inc promotes the sport of Team Penning which encourages the mixing of all age groups, abilities and skill levels within a fun, social, yet competitive atmosphere. The WATPA was born in West Australia in August 2009. Our emphasis is family fun, playing with our horses and cattle in a controlled environment. This would have to be the cheapest horse sport the whole family can enjoy.


Our inaugural event was in October, 2009 and from that event on we have relied on sponsorships to furnish our prize pool. We are totally grateful to our sponsors and promote and advertise their products whenever we can. Sponsors and donators are given a link on this website and event sponsors are given advertising in the form of banners and announcements at our club events.


We expect to run about 5 to 8 events a year on a monthly basis (with breaks in winter and summer) at whatever venues we can find, North, South or East of Perth. Everyone is welcome – it’s a great spectator sport and watching is free. Our membership season runs from the 1st of September to the 31st of August. So get your membership in and start having some fun!



Heading for the pen, November 2013

Heading for the pen, November 2013


What is Team Penning?

Team Penning (also called Team Yarding) evolved from the common job of separating cattle into pens for branding, doctoring or transport. It is one of the fastest growing cattle sports in the US and is also growing quite well here in Australia.


Today, it is an exciting event that provides a team of three riders 2 minutes to cut out three same colour collared cattle from the herd and pen into a yard located at the opposite end of the arena, making sure no more than 5 cattle cross over the half way line at any time.


The herd can range from 18 head to 30 head of cattle and judges ensure that the colours are rotated fairly amongst the various teams. Team work is the key with all three riders required to work in harmony to cut out the correct cattle and drive them to the pen at the opposite end of the arena while keeping the wrong coloured cattle back. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Next Events

5th December Team Penning
6th December Ranch Sorting
Both at Breakaway Stud in Northam. Entries close 28th November

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